Organic, gourmet cookie dough shop to open in downtown Ogden

Sunday , March 04, 2018 - 5:00 AM

OGDEN — We’ve all been told not to eat raw cookie dough. (Not that it stopped most of us from doing it when Mom wasn’t looking.) But one of the latest dessert trends is making it not only safe, but tastier than ever before.

Popping up around the country are shops selling edible cookie dough like ice cream. And Ogden will have one of its very own at the end of the month.

OOkie Love, slated to open March 31 at 325 E. 24th St. in downtown Ogden, will serve organic, no-GMO, gluten-free gourmet cookie dough in flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, chocolate mint and sugar cookie with rainbow sprinkles — dubbed the “Nerdy Unicorn.”

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Asked what interested her in opening a cookie dough shop, co-owner Faith Satterthwaite gets nostalgic. “It’s like stepping back into your childhood,” she said.

Satterthwaite and her sister — Amber Ehlers, whom she owns the shop with — grew up on a farm where their mother ground their own flour. This played a part in the sisters’ choice to focus on fresh, organic ingredients in their cookie dough recipes.

“It’s better for your body, better for the environment, and I think it tastes better,” Satterthwaite said. After doing plenty of research, she’s pretty sure OOkie Love will be the first organic cookie dough shop in the nation. They also plan to offer vegan-friendly flavors for those who are dairy-free.

But Satterthwaite makes a point to say their business venture is about more than cookie dough.

She hopes people will come for the treats and stay for the experience — “an experience of love and respect and celebrating our differences,” she said.

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